CD Jewel Case

01 VI 11

A Lost Dream
Paint the World
The Nightmare
Somewhere in Time
My Faithfull Friend
To Kill a Klown
Wild Strawberries
Axe in the Heart
[The Tale of Lizzie Borden]



Sleeve Notes:

I don't like loose ends. I prefer full stop's. Take a dream into the world and breathe life into it. Full stop. Move along a step. Here is one step that took a while... twenty-seven years to the month to be exact. Those boots were heavy! I believe these songs, restored from tape and ether and lovingly (re)mastered, deserve their day out. Even if, or just because, all they represent is a document or an insight into the lives of three yoof's from a far away time that England has forgotten... We haven't. Don't worry though - we won't be reforming.

Tom's Midnight Garden is a childrens book written by Philippa Pearce, which inspired me enough that, years later, I half-inched it for the group formed on my exit from stablemates, Flowers in the Dustbin. If the book was a rites of passage for Tom, then I guess the band was one for me. One Winter - One Summer. The time it takes to thrust a human being from womb to world

Winter 1983/84: Hot on the heels of The Mob, Blood & Roses, SDC and Sex Gang, we took to the squats, pubs and clubs to make our mark... falling gloriously short; too young and shambolic to shape the ugly beauty of our vision.

Summer 1984: From the recording studio, however, we emerged happy and excited that the essence of our songs had been faithfully captured, ripe for release on the then thriving 96 Tapes. Alas! This never came to pass. By the end of the summer TMG were no more. A destiny perhaps foretold in the pages written by Ms Pearce. Woken from a dream :transformed: the rites complete: each of us emerging with a definite direction and each of them different.

Winter/Spring 2011: Like us, the tapes survived... and now, at the dawn of a new decade, there is enough space between that I can dream a little once more, to the echo of one now bygone. Full stop. Move along...